A Season of Wonder – new beginnings

“Always be on the lookout for the presence of wonder.” ~E.B. White

It’s a new day for me…I’m moving to WordPress in place of or in addition to my Blogger blog. It seems a perfect time for new beginnings…summer is almost here, people are already heading outside, to the beach, to the lake, to the woods and those are all the kinds of places that inspire my art and my poetry. I won’t wax long and philosophical here, though I may excerpt some of those musings from my other blog. Here I’ll try to confine myself mostly to what I find beautiful or inspiring and share a little of what I’ve created as a result. I hope you’ll join me often as I venture into this “brave new world.”







23 thoughts on “A Season of Wonder – new beginnings

  1. Hi Lianne,
    I love the quote you shared! As a children’s librarian I am always looking for ways to instill a recognition of wonder in the children I work with. It is a priceless gift – something that lasts a lifetime but is in very short supply these days.

    Thank you for visiting my blog! I’m glad to meet you. Your artwork is lovely!

    • Thank you so very much – I can’t imagine a nicer compliment. As a former teacher, I share your appreciation for the gift of wonder. I’m delighted to meet you as well!!!

  2. It’s great to meet another wonder-er! There’s definitely something about the sense of wonder that makes one need to create, at least for me!

    • I couldn’t agree more – I’ve been struck by the idea of wonder since I was a child and recovered some of that after reading a chapter in Sam Keen’s “Fire in the Belly” which is supposedly for men but I thought everyone should read it. Thank you so much for your wonderful comment!

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog and checking out my photography focusing on Mongolia! I really enjoy your quote here at the top of your post. There are many things to be in awe of all around us in everyday life, if only we tune in to them!

    • Thank you so much! A joy to follow you – I must say I reblogged an older post of yours here when I meant to reblog it to a different blog – lol. I’m confusing myself!! But thank you for following too.

      • Easy to confuse oneself! I’ve been going mad with a dodgy connection so that it’s taken hours and hours to publish my most recent post. Much thanks for the re-blog!

    • Thanks so much Sharon – I left a question for you on Planeteers. This took me forever – lol. But I’m going to keep this one shorter and just for art I think.

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